National Centre for Healthy Ageing

By bringing together leading researchers with carers, clinicians, service providers and consumers with advanced infrastructure, the National Centre for Healthy Ageing (NCHA) tackles the key challenges associated with healthy ageing. The NCHA will promote health and wellbeing during ageing, by creating better integrated models of care that embrace both physical and mental health.

Its mission is to become Australia's leading integrated healthcare research, development and implementation hub focused on healthy ageing.

Current programs include: a nationally unique and globally rare Healthy Ageing Data Platform; ‘Living Lab’ projects enlisting end users to test new approaches in healthcare delivery; and state-of-the-art simulation facilities.

The NCHA will be embedded in Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula, which has a high proportion of people aged 50 or over and a mix of primary, secondary and tertiary care with almost exclusive referral networks across Peninsula Health and community providers – an ideal environment in which to harness data insights and incubate better models for supporting healthy ageing where it is most needed. NCHA will be mostly housed at Monash’s Peninsula campus with the health data and implementation platform at the Academic and Research Centre in Frankston, a multi-million-dollar Monash-Peninsula Health venture due to open in early 2022.

The Australian Government Department of Health is financially supporting the NCHA’s establishment. Monash University, through the NCHA, received a significant Medical Research Future Fund grant to create a digital health system transforming primary care data for aged care residents.

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An example of the innovative work two of our members, Professor Keith Hill and Associate Professor Libby Callaway, are doing in technology and innovation to support independent living.

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