RAGE Biotech

RAGE Biotech is a partnership working to develop new approaches to modulate the receptor for advanced glycation end-products (RAGE), an important target in chronic inflammation associated with chronic lung diseases. The company is founded on intellectual property co-developed by leading researchers from Monash University, The University of Western Australia (UWA), Murdoch University and the Baker Institute, licensed to RAGE Biotech by Monash Innovation.

Globally, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is the fourth leading cause of mortality and morbidity, with chronic inflammation being a key feature and driver of disease progression in COPD, cystic fibrosis and severe asthma. RAGE is a key protein that amplifies inflammation – so targeting RAGE can bring inflammation back under control. RAGE Biotech has enabled the testing of two novel approaches to modulate RAGE. The first was developed in collaboration with Professor Wilton at Murdoch University; a second approach with Professor Pfleger, Head of Molecular Endocrinology and Pharmacology at UWA’s Centre for Medical Research and the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research. The research undertaken by RAGE Biotech’s targeting of RAGE has been shown to be effective in mouse models with lung disease.

Other outcomes of this innovative partnership include:

  • Advancing scientific understanding of targeting RAGE through the human body’s natural mechanisms, to reduce inflammation.
  • Investment to turn a proof of concept into a potential product for human trials.
  • Developing a novel therapeutic option with potential for use treating other inflammatory induced diseases.
  • Invention of a cheap, non-invasive therapy that simply involves inserting the therapy mix in water then the patient inhaling it. This therapeutic device could be adopted by other mRNA therapeutics.
  • Increased prospect of commercialisation opportunities and investment in Australian technology.
  • Strengthened collaboration of researchers across the Group of Eight universities.
  • Solidification of Monash University’s position at the forefront of translational research.

This partnership demonstrates how a small amount of seed funding secured by Monash University’s Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences from the IP Group can result in an exciting translational research journey and patent application for a novel therapy for inflammatory lung disease with potential application for other inflammatory induced diseases. This outcome would not have been possible without the collaboration and investment from our Biotech, and university and institute partners.



Further information about RAGE Biotech can be found here.