Heart hospitals around the world

Australia is the only continent that does not have a dedicated heart hospital. The Victorian Heart Hospital will be Australia’s first stand-alone heart hospital and research facility. It will give Victorians the specialist cardiovascular health care that they need to meet changing community needs.

Evidence across the globe is that heart hospitals change lives. Heart hospitals improve patient outcomes and accelerate the translation of major discoveries into patient treatments and innovative solutions to global cardiac health issues.

When research is embedded in the delivery of healthcare, the benefits multiply for both research and clinical services. This in turn means better health outcomes, and lower economic costs.

Dedicated heart hospitals have been in operation since 1954. Across the world, 55 specialised heart hospitals have driven clinical and research advancements, bringing new hope to cardiac patients and new economic benefits to their regions.

Mature heart hospitals include Texas Heart Institute, Montreal Heart Institute, Leipzig Heart Centre and The Ross Heart Hospital in Ohio.

New dedicated heart hospitals continue to be built, such as Barts Heart Centre, the National Heart Institute in Kuala Lumpur, the National Heart Centre in Singapore and the Miller Family Heart and Vascular Centre at the Cleveland Clinic.

The Victorian Heart Hospital will integrate cardiac research, clinical services and education in the same way that other successful heart hospitals have done across the world.