PPE virtual reality simulation

This platform immerses participants into an online aged care facility, where they are presented with realistic clinical scenarios and healthcare characters who require assistance with donning and doffing PPE. The simulation enables ongoing training; virtual healthcare workers speak, listen and interact with participants. The scenarios present cases that require participants to make decisions related to prevention of infection and selection of appropriate PPE to support safe donning and doffing practice. The virtual reality PPE simulation is updated regularly so that you are practicing with the latest advice.

The PPE virtual reality simulations has the following benefits:

  • Practice virtually at your own convenience and pace
  • Apply learned theory in a risk-free environment
  • Refine critical conversation skills with virtual human characters
  • Enhance task-based skills through repeated practice
  • Empower self-directed practice and review

Introduce characters with pictures

These characters have conversational abilities to help learners practice PPE skills which deliver a measurably faster and more focused experience to improve learning retention.

  • Avatar #1 Marilyn: Registered Nurse
  • Avatar #2 Donilo: Patient Care Assistant
  • Avatar #3 Stella: Cleaner

Practice with virtual humans

Virtual Humans - Artificial Intelligence (AI) engineered characters are created to navigate learners through their virtual practice simulations as patients, champions, or guides — similar to a real healthcare setting.

Practice safe PPE application and removal

The healthcare industry needs to rapidly educate staff in the proper procedure of donning and doffing PPE for today and the future. Healthcare workers have not had sufficient time or access to PPE to practice. Simulation practice can help staff and healthcare workers feel prepared and confident to use PPE in a safe manner.

PPE practice simulations

The learner’s role is to act as a spotter and ensure the healthcare worker performs PPE application and removal properly.

Learners must have strong knowledge of the proper procedures in order to instruct another person otherwise they will not be able to provide instructions in the right sequence to the character. This simulation improves learner competency and retention through repeated practice.

Learners must:

  • Instruct a fellow worker on the proper sequence of donning & doffing
  • Identify issues with application and safe removal during the process