About us

Welcome to the Monash School of Psychological Sciences

The School is at the forefront of brain function research in Australia with roots in the basic discovery sciences, cognitive, clinical and brain neurosciences and the social sciences. Formalised within our research intensive institute, the Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health, our research current themes range from addiction to sleep with the goal of translating scientific discoveries to directly improving diagnosis and treatment of acquired, developmental and degenerative brain pathologies.

The School has built its enviable reputation by attracting and recruiting the best and brightest scientists from across the globe. Its mission to develop students and research outcomes that make significant contributions to improving the lives of others globally is achieved by:

  • integrating leading edge interdisciplinary research grounded in psychological science and clinical translation
  • superior teaching, blending traditional and virtual learning experiences
  • translating our research discoveries into practical, positive applications for improved societal and health outcomes
  • providing an invigorating, stimulating and rewarding environment to students, scientists, educators and staff.

The breadth of psychology offerings and research at Monash is outlined here. These offerings are developed within the leadership team within the Monash School of Psychological Sciences.

Each semester, the School recruits teaching associates to lead tutorials, workshops, labs and student consultation sessions. Find out more here.

For further information about the School please contact us.