Career Opportunities

Studying psychology opens up a wide range of career opportunities. The skills developed, the understanding of human behaviour acquired and the competency with statistics gained in a psychology course prepare graduate for a wide variety of fields in psychology, including:

Child psychology

Concerned with diagnosis and treatment of childhood disorders

Educational and developmental psychology

Graduates are eligible for registration as a psychologist with AHPRA and are able to provide services for a range of clients across the lifespan, e.g., individuals, couples, groups, organisations or systems, particularly those that are considered vulnerable or "at risk".  Graduates may be employed in diverse settings for example (but not limited to) schools, universities, private practice, disability services, early childhood, geropsychology, health, and research institutions.

Clinical neuropsychology

Applies an understanding of the neural basis of cognition, behaviour and emotion to assessment and treatment of adults and children with neurological disorders including stroke, head injury, dementia, and multiple sclerosis

Health psychology

Concerned with the development of strategies to promote health and alleviate the problems associated with chronic illness

Clinical psychology

The prevention, diagnosis and treatment of mental illness

Organisational psychology

Concerned with the physical and emotional health, wellbeing and performance of individuals, groups and organisations, through attention to: vocational choice and decision‑making; personnel selection, training and career development; adequate design of jobs, equipment and organisational structures; and appropriate management and leadership

Counselling psychology

Helping people overcome social and emotional problems such as student study difficulties and relationship problems

Research and academic psychology

In universities researching their own area of speciality; and in research centres and private or public institutions, eg road and accident research, market research, radio and television audience research