Student profiles

Why Psychology? Why Monash?

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Danielle Lalaine Amiet

Bachelor of Psychology (with honours)

"I started at Monash University in 2012, relocating all the way from Darwin, Northern Territory. My dream was always to attend a world renowned university in Melbourne, Victoria. Despite the difficulties of moving across country, this university and city have quickly become my home."

I chose Monash University because of its outstanding reputation and the opportunities I knew I could have exposure to if I attended. Shortly after commencing my degree in a Bachelor of Psychology (with honours) I have volunteered in the community, mentored local secondary students, and joined several club committees. Now I am currently the President of the Psychology Society (SNAPS) and I love every moment of it! This university has opened up doors I didn’t think possible and has provided me a chance to network with professionals in my field of interest as well as create lifelong friendships everywhere I go.


Amy Cunningham

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)

I chose Monash University because of the wide range of subjects available to me, and I am loving it! Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the four units that I did in first semester, the extracurricular groups and societies that I have joined have really added to my university experience.  I am a first year representative on the Students’ Neuroscience and Psychology Society (SNAPS), and though this I have made many friends, not only in their first year but also second, third and honours years. I plan to major in psychology, and also transfer to a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) next year, and have found the friends that I have made through this society very helpful and encouraging in my aspirations. I am also finding being a part of a non-residential college, Centaurus, has been advantageous in getting to know people from different degrees and backgrounds.


Bhairavi Raman

Psychology Honours student

"I chose to study psychology because I have a keen interest in the brain and behaviour, and I decided to study at Monash because it is a leader in this field, it is a member of the Group of Eight, and a friend of mine who was in her second year of the same course highly recommended it. Particular aspects that I have found attractive in this course are the wide variety of subjects, the emphasis on writing and critical thinking, the flexibility of the course (I was able to pick up a Diploma in Languages half way through my degree), and the degree of passion and enthusiasm shown by the teaching and research staff members. Regardless of the career path I choose to follow, I believe that Monash has provided me with a solid foundation of values, transferrable skills and experience."


Rebecca Doyle-Walker

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)

"I choose to study at Monash after I was encouraged by a very good friend to challenge myself and because of the opportunities that are available to students. After I had done the first year introductory unit I decided to do psychology as my major, not something that I had ever considered before. As a mature student I have found the experience very challenging especially after not studying for 20 years. But having said that the amount of support and assistance that I have received had made the experience very enjoyable and achievable. When I started my studies I hoped to come out the other end with a degree, now I am planning to do postgrad study and my doctorate. During my degree I have had the opportunity to study in Italy and hopefully in the UK in 2015 - you are only limited by yourself so dream big, work hard and you can achieve anything."


Suharshan de Silva

Bachelor of Psychology (with Honours)

"Monash's academic reputation was an obvious factor in my choice of university. It helped that most of my friends were aiming to come here too. I'm happy to say that having studied psychology at Monash for the past two years; I have enjoyed much more than just a tertiary education. I've formed numerous friendships from each of my subjects, including elective units (I'm even learning Spanish as an elective). On top of that, I have immersed myself in the society aspect of the university, which has been a great way to get to know other people who share a passion for the same things as me. I have found Monash to be supportive of its students in a variety of ways, from its comprehensive library services, to its online portal, and of course the wonderful teaching staff."


Alexandra Shipton

Bachelor of Psychology

My name is Alexandra Shipton and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Psychology at Monash University. I chose Monash University because I was impressed by the course and calibre of teaching staff.  I also loved the atmosphere on campus and facilities that were available to both students and staff. I am currently in my second year and at this stage I love my course. The way that the teaching staff engages students with the topics is fantastic and I really enjoy hearing about all of their research. I am certainly glad that I chose Monash University to undertake my psychology degree, as I believe it is a world-class university that provides me with a high standard of education in an environment that is encouraging and supportive.