Core Business Activities

The Centre was established in 2000, following the  appointment of Professor Jennie Ponsford to the School of Psychological  Sciences at Monash University, bringing together the resources and expertise of  Monash University with that of Epworth Hospital, which runs rehabilitation  programs for victims of trauma. It has been self funding since its inception. MERRC  has been self-funding since its inception. The Transport Accident Commission  (TAC) has been the largest financial supporter of the Centre, having provided  substantial funding for the Longitudinal Head Injury Outcome Study and  associated projects over 20 years, beginning in 1995. This funding is currently  provided for various projects through the Institute for Safety Compensation  Recovery Research (ISCRR) and was previously provided through the Victorian  Neurotrauma Initiative (VNI). The Centre also currently has funding support  from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), Australian  Research Council (ARC), Monash University, William Buckland Foundation, Royal Automotive  Club of Victoria (RACV), and the United States (US) Department of Education,  and has had funding from the Jack Brockhoff Foundation, Australian Rotary  Health Research Fund, the Wenckhart Foundation, and the Department of Human  Services.

The MERRC is directed by Professor Jennie Ponsford. She reports to the Head of  the School of Psychological Sciences at Monash University and the Chief  Executive of Epworth Hospital, as well as to the Director of the Epworth  Research Institute (ERI).  Dr. Adam McKay, Dr. Rene Stolwyk, Dr. Catherine  Willmtt, Dr. Dana Wong, Dr. Dean McKenzie, A/Prof. Gavin Williams, Ms Pamela  Ross, Professor John Olver, Dr. Michael Ponsford, and Dr. Rose Acher from  Epworth/Monash are active academic/clinical researchers within the centre.  Employed staff report directly to Professor Ponsford.