Attention Training & Screening

Each year, around 310,000 children start school for the first time in Australia. Of these, an estimated 13% – that’s 40,300 children – have attention problems that will negatively impact their learning in the classroom.

We are making a real difference.

Co-founded by Professor Kim Cornish and Dr Hannah Kirk of the Turner Institute, TALI Attention Training Program, TALI Train™, has been developed via a joint venture between Monash University, Grey Innovation and Torus Games.

The ground-breaking Program is designed for children suffering from attention deficits. The animated computer ‘game’ – backed by 20 years of hard science – is helping children with learning difficulties to better concentrate in class, improving academic performance and life prospects. Every facet of TALI Train™ – every colour, character, shape and sound, every time lapse between activities – has a neuroscientific reason for being there, designed to train specific networks of the brain responsible for attentiveness.

TALI Train™ has been formally recognised by numerous high-level bodies, including Trade & Investment Victoria – a State Government of Victoria initiative. And through industry collaboration, the program has been acquired by public-listed Australian Medical Technology Company, Novita Healthcare Ltd.

Read more about our TALI Train™ and our Spotlight Project here.

Following the award of a Cooperative Research Centre – Project (CRC-P) to Novita Healthcare Ltd, the Turner Institute-led TALI team is now also working on developing TALI Detect™ - a scalable detection tool for childhood inattention with a view to enabling national screening of attention difficulties for all children entering school.

With so many children in Australia have significant attention difficulties, and with the detection of childhood attention currently being expensive and time-consuming, there is a real need for this proposed accurate, low-cost tool to detect inattention in early childhood.

Capability Leads

Prof Kim Cornish


Professor Cornish is Head of the Monash School of Psychological Sciences and Director of the Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health. Her unique research focuses on defining gene-behaviour associations in neurodevelopmental disorders in infancy through to childhood and then into early adulthood.

Dr Hannah Kirk


Dr Kirk is an NHMRC Early Career Research Fellow at the Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health. Her research focuses on utilising technology to assess, improve and support cognitive development and learning in childhood.