Maximise your degree

Time at university can be so much more than academic achievement. Maximise your university experience through exploring unique opportunities that interest you, with the opportunity to engage through experiential learning as part your studies, or undertake extracurricular activities alongside your degree.

These experiences can help to form lifelong friendships, give you skills and talents attractive to employers, and influence your future career direction. Challenges stretching beyond the classroom helps foster initiative and independence whilst allowing you to form new networks and friendships. Taking your studies to a new level with volunteer activities, placements, or travel provides you with a platform to showcase initiative, versatility, personality and professional skills such as time management, planning, organisation and communication.

Within your studies

Are you looking to explore new horizons, or challenge yourself in a professional environment?  Gain academic credit whilst taking a leap outside of the classroom with these elective unit options:

Develop professional skills and experience via WIL placements within organisations. Psychology Impact Placements provide tailored opportunities in psychology for Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) students. Innovation placements or general placement opportunities are available either locally or overseas, developing career readiness skills.

  • Research experiences

If you are considering a research career, the Global Leadership and Advanced Research Program (GLARP) enables students to develop a research proposal and potentially receive funding to present and carry out their projects.

Dive into a rich cultural experience by studying overseas. Psychology opportunities are available in Malaysia, Norway and the United Kingdom, or consider exploring on your semester break through global summer and winter programs.

Within your psychology studies, you’ll learn from leaders in the field and be exposed to latest innovations in teaching and learning. Explore deeper insights and current research which are highlighted in our psychology Masterclasses.

Supporting your studies

  • Psych research internships

Take the plunge into research! Successful Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) applicants are matched to an appropriate psychology research lab, gaining hands-on volunteer research experience relevant to Psychology.

  • Volunteering & general internships

Gaining practical, relevant experience can be beneficial both in determining your next career steps, and in gaining a broad range of transferrable career skills. Students are guided to a range of volunteer and internship opportunities available in the community and relevant to psychology studies. In some instances relevant volunteer opportunities can be highlighted on student’s academic transcript.

Senior students in later years of the Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) can elect to lead small groups of first year students. These peer mentors guide students through their first year of university, answer common questions and support new students in their introduction to university life.