If your calling is to make a significant difference to the lives of others through pursuing a career in psychology, you will need to start your journey by undertaking an accredited undergraduate course in psychology.

Students studying in Australia are able to undertake psychology studies through the following undergraduate pathways at Monash:

Bachelor of Psychology

The Bachelor of Psychology is the School’s flagship course designed for those with a passion for understanding human cognition and behaviour. This course provides a comprehensive education in human psychology - from normal to abnormal psychology, and from the genetic/molecular level to the individual and group-behavioural level.
🕘 3 years 🚩 Clayton campus.

Minor, Major, or APAC accredited major

For more information regarding the courses please follow this link here. Psychology is available as a minor, major or APAC accredited major in the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science Advanced - Global Challenges (Honours) and Bachelor of Science Advanced - Research (Honours).

Pathway options

It is possible to undertake an an undergraduate degree in psychology via a range of options. Our flagship program offers a tailored program specifically designed to support your psychology progression, whereas other courses offering the extended psychology major may suit students with broad interests. Read about what our students have to say here.

For those who have completed a degree in another discipline and now wish to pursue a graduate level qualification in psychology, then the Graduate Diploma in Psychology may suit you.

Online program

Graduate Diploma in Psychology

The Graduate Diploma in Psychology is an online Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC) accredited course that offers graduates of other disciplines an accredited major in psychology.

🕘 1.7 years 🚩 Off-campus (online)

Malaysian offerings

Monash Malaysia offers two undergraduate degrees in psychology, the Bachelor of Psychological Science and the Bachelor of Psychological Science and Business. Similar to Australian offerings, students can also study psychology through degrees offered in the School of Arts and Social Sciences and the School of Science.

Further study

Students who have completed the three-year accredited undergraduate psychology sequence are eligible to apply to undertake an accredited fourth year sequence in psychology.