Pathways to Graduate Research

If you do not yet meet the eligibility requirements for a research degree, there are pathways you could take. Completing one of these Monash courses in a relevant specialisation and achieving required results* will put you one step closer to a research degree with Monash Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences.

*Second Class Honours Division A (HIIA) is required for PhD and Second Class Honours Division B (HIIB) for Master by Research.

Graduate Diploma of Health and Science Research

One year full-time only

This course offers a pathway to higher-level research in health and science disciplines for students who have completed a relevant undergraduate degree but do not have a research component in order to progress.

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Honours Year (4th Year Study)

One year full-time (some offer 2 years part-time study)

These are prestigious programs in medicine, nursing and health fields, aimed at helping high-achieving students acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes to achieve excellence in their future research study or career.

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Coursework Master Degree, Graduate Diploma, Graduate Certificate

Multiple offerings

To meet admission eligibility for future graduate research degrees at Monash, the selected postgraduate pathway course must include a significant research component i.e. at least 25% of one full-time-equivalent year of work, including a thesis. It is normally expected that a HIIA grade has been obtained for the research thesis or project.

Some courses offer a research project or a thesis as electives. Students who are interested in future graduate research study must map their pathway course appropriately to ensure there are sufficient research components. If unsure, consult the relevant Course Coordinator (contact details in Handbook) and/or School/Department.

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For detailed descriptions on each course, entry requirements and pathway information, see the Monash University Handbook.

Please refer to the How to Apply webpage for details on the application requirements and process.

For further information, please contact Monash Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences Graduate Research Office,