Year 5D emergency medicine rotation

Emergency medicine

Rotations 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Up to 4 students per rotation
Mildura Base Hospital Emergency Department
Clinical Supervisor:

Dr. Arvind Byka

Mildura Base Hospital ED sees about 35,000 patients per annum across the full spectrum of presentations. You will be rostered over various shifts to experience the ED and its differing resources at different times of the day. You will always be rostered with a FACEM, and there will be only 1-2 students in the ED per shift, meaning you will have individual tuition and access to patients. Mildura Base Hospital has introduced both short-stay and fast-track units, and each student will spend dedicated time in each of these areas during the rotation. You will be encouraged to attend ED training sessions held for all ED doctors.

Students will also attend our Preparedness for Practice (P4P) Program. This program further develops the concept of 'readiness to practice' for internship. P4P offers workshops across the fundamentals of emergency medicine, clinical skill development and small group SIM sessions all under the tutelage of experienced clinicians.

What students say about emergency medicine in Mildura

ED at Mildura is a fantastic rotation. You have the opportunity to be really hands on in your learning and challenge yourself whilst still being well supported by your consultants. The independence and confidence you gain through the rotation is of great benefit as you approach your intern year. Living effectively on site at the hospital is a real time saver, and the shared living is a wonderful opportunity to be able to explore Mildura with the other 5th year students.

Amy Vaux 2019

I was fortunate enough to be part of an amazing group in Mildura ED to start off 5th year. In this rotation you're allowed to exercise a great amount of autonomy, with plenty of things to do if you put yourself out there. Keep your eye out for cool procedures and make sure to let everyone know what
you're keen to get involved in. The only downside is that bed blocking can be quite an issue at times and can make busy days go rather slowly.

If you haven't lived with other medical students before, it’s a heap of fun, and there are always people who want to hang out. And of course, having been in Mildura multiple times, the staff at the clinical school truly go out of their way to make you feel at home. The highlight of any Mildura rotation!

Kirby Qin 2019


Here's what one 2015 student said about his ED rotation