Year 5D general medicine rotation

Rotations 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
1 student per rotation
Mildura Base Hospital

Dr Vasant Mani, General Medicine & Gastroenterology
Dr Barnabas Mavo, General Medicine & Geriatrics
Dr Terry Cook, General Medicine
Dr Krishna Rachakonda, General Medicine & Oncology
Dr Muhammad Javaid, General Medicine & Nephrology

The Mildura Base Hospital's Department of Medicine is in a unique position to offer you a broad-based rural experience. Medical teams provide a wide range of acute and chronic inpatient medical services for respiratory, renal, cardiac, neurological and oncology conditions.

You will be fully immersed into the medical team and expected to perform many of the roles and functions of the interns. Responsibilities may include history taking, patient examinations, case presentations and shared responsibility for direct patient management (under supervision). The Department also holds regular lunch time educational meetings including ECG interpretation and radiology meetings which you are encouraged to attend.

Our friendly patients are more than willing to engage with medical students and medical staff are always prepared to find time for teaching.