Year 5D renal rotation

Rotations 1,2,3,4,5, 6
Mildura Base Hospital and Ramsay Specialist Clinic
Clinical Supervisor:

Dr Muhammed Javaid, General Physician & Nephrologist

In this rotation, you will learn the fundamentals of assessment, treatment and ongoing management of renal patients in a rural area. You will attend daily ward rounds with the nephrologist, spend time in outpatient nephrology clinics, spend time with the renal specialist nurse and also in the outpatient dialysis unit located within MBH. You will be expected to perform many of the roles and functions of an intern. Responsibilities may include history taking, patient examinations, case presentations and shared responsibility for direct patient management (under supervision). The Department also holds regular lunch time educational meetings including ECG interpretation and radiology meetings which you are encouraged to attend.

While you are on rotation in Mildura you will also see the implications of rurality on acute and chronic renal disease treatment and management with limited access to services, travelling for treatment and the need for inter-hospital transfers.

Learning Opportunities

By the end of this rotation, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to take a complex renal history as well as a focused system history in common renal disorders.
  • Correctly perform a physical examination with focus on the renal system including related systems examination and relevant procedures.
  • Develop clinical knowledge and understanding of the common renal conditions.
  • Apply clinical reasoning skills to formulate clear differential diagnoses and a management plan.
  • Recognise serious renal conditions requiring urgent management/intervention.
  • Demonstrate understanding and application of pharmacological, medical and surgical management of common renal presentations including renal patients on dialysis.
  • Undertake, justify and interpret common medical investigations.
  • Interpret the results of commonly encountered diagnostic tests and imaging in these patients.