Mildura Year 2

Mildura’s Year 2 placement will provide students with their first exposure to the real clinical environment in the Mildura Base Hospital. During their 2 weeks at SRH Mildura students will participate in the following placements:

  • GP placement - ½ to 1 day
  • Mildura Base Hospital
    • ward rounds with Year 3B students – 1 day
    • Nursing shift – 1 shift
    • Emergency Department or ambulance placement – 1 x 4 hour shift
  • Indigenous health day – you will visit Mildura District Aboriginal Service (MDAS)
  • Primary school visits:
    • teddy bear hospitals
    • sports days

Students will also participte in simulation sessions in the Skills Laboratory

  • SimMan session
  • Clinical skills practical session eg plastering, suturing
  • Case presentations
  • Panel discussions
  • Real life patient stories

Other activities in Mildura

  • Zoonotics lecture with local vet – Dr Bill Sutherland, incofrporating a Farm visit
  • OHS – tour local fruit property (Orange World)

A sample of what you can expect is shown in the sample timetable


Students are provided with Melbourne/Mildura return flights and housed in four-star accommodation for their stay. (Students are currently housed at Quest Apartments in Mildura.)

Taxis and buses will be provided to convey you to your daily activities.