Mildura Year 3B

Year 3B is the first opportunity for students to work continuously in the clinical environment.

Year 3B at Mildura is a small cohort of 14 students. The cohort will be split into two groups of seven students and you will be rostered to the disciplines of general surgery and general medicine at Mildura Base Hospital. This will enable you to receive a more ‘up close and personal’ experience and allow you to develop clinical and decision making skills while under the direct supervision of interns, registrars and consultants. The ‘hands on’ learning experience at Monash Rural Health Mildura and Mildura Base Hospital is second-to-none!

During your time in general surgery and general medicine you will be exposed to:

Discipline Length
Ward rounds daily
Simulation sessions  2 hours per week on average
While on surgery you will attend a variety of theatres eg general,  scopes, orthopaedic (including fracture clinics), vascular, urological, ENT and ophthalmic  minimum 0.5 days / week
Specialist rotations
Anaesthetics 2 days
Emergency medicine 2 days
ICU 1 day
Hospital in the Home 1 day
Wound Clinic 1 day
Cardiology 0.5 day
Dermatology 0.5 day
Methadone 0.5 day
Visiting medical specialists in endocrinology and rheumatology 0.5 day

While your tutorials are provided predominantly by Monash Rural Health Mildura academic staff, specialist consultants also provide teaching in the areas of surgery, cardiology, general medicine, radiology, nephrology, endocrinology, and rheumatology.

Location Location Location - our back door is 10 metres from the Mildura Base Hospital.

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