Where is medicine accommodation?

When you apply for accommodation, you'll need to select a Monash Rural Health site as part of the process.

Here's the sites that look after the towns you'll be placed in:

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Placement town Contact site Contact email
Bairnsdale Bairnsdale (East Gippsland) mrh-eastgippsland.enquiries@monash.edu
Bendigo Bendigo mrh-bendigo.enquiries@monash.edu
Castlemaine Bendigo mrh-bendigo.enquiries@monash.edu
Drouin Traralgon (Latrobe Valley & West Gippsland)
Accommodation is in Warragul, you will need to travel to Drouin each day.  
Foster Warragul (Warragul & South Gippsland) mrh-warragul.enquiries@monash.edu
Gisborne Bendigo mrh-bendigo.enquiries@monash.edu
Korumburra Warragul (Warragul & South Gippsland) mrh-warragul.enquiries@monash.edu
Kyneton Bendigo mrh-bendigo.enquiries@monash.edu
Lakes Entrance Bairnsdale (East Gippsland) mrh-eastgippsland.enquiries@monash.edu
Leongatha Warragul (Warragul & South Gippsland) mrh-warragul.enquiries@monash.edu
Maryborough Bendigo mrh-bendigo.enquiries@monash.edu
Mildura Mildura mrh-mildura.enquiries@monash.edu
Orbost Bairnsdale (East Gippsland)mrh-eastgippsland.enquiries@monash.edu
Sale Sale (East Gippsland)mrh-eastgippsland.enquiries@monash.edu
Swan Hill Bendigo mrh-bendigo.enquiries@monash.edu
Trafalgar Traralgon (Latrobe Valley & West Gippsland)mrh-lvwg.enquiries@monash.edu
Traralgon Traralgon (Latrobe Valley & West Gippsland)mrh-lvwg.enquiries@monash.edu
Warragul Traralgon (Latrobe Valley & West Gippsland)mrh-lvwg.enquiries@monash.edu
Wonthaggi Warragul (Warragul & South Gippsland)mrh-warragul.enquiries@monash.edu
Woodend Bendigo
Accommodation is in Kyneton, you'll need to travel to Woodend each day.