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Flow Cytometry Policies

Staff availability

Staff are available for questions and advice on experimental design, data acquisition and data analysis, however making an appointment with staff is requested. The most convenient was to contact the flow cytometry facility is via email, as staff may not always be in the lab or available to answer questions on the spot.

Data Storage

Data files (.fcs) are stored remotely on each instrument's computer. Files will be deleted randomly when hard drives become full. Therefore, it is the responsibility of each user to backup and store data files for future use. Files can be saved onto USB keys, CD or DVD.


The fees charged by the flow cytometry facility cover only the running and maintenance costs of the facility. Users are charged based on time spent on the instrument and not on time booked and will be billed quarterly.

  Internal Users (MHRP) External Users
Cell Analysing $60 per hour or part thereof $85 per hour or part thereof
Cell Sorting $85 per hour or part thereof $110 per hour or part thereof
Data Analysis Free $25 per hour or part thereof

Flow Cytometry Protocols

The Facility has a subscription to a hard copy version of Current Protocols in Cytometry. This publication is a collection of the latest techniques for flow and image cytometry and is an invaluable guide when designing experimental protocols. Please note that this may not be removed from the Flow Cytometry Facility office.

The Facility also has a subscription to the journals Cytometry Part A and Cytometry Part B.

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