KiTeS: Kids &Teens at School


KiTeS: Kids &Teens at School Project

The Kites study will assess school attendance problems in children and young people with an intellectual disability (ID) across Victorian mainstream and special schools.
The aims of the study are:

  • To establish the rate of school attendance problems in students with an intellectual disability.
  • To build a profile of the types of school attendance problems (e.g. school refusal, school withdrawal, truancy, school exclusion).
  • To identify the factors associated with different types of school attendance problems.

Parents of kids and teens will be invited to take part in the study which involves the completion of a questionnaire package about school attendance and how their child is managing at school. Teachers will also be asked to complete a questionnaire package about how the child is managing at school.

Information we collect from the study will be used to inform national and international policies, practice guidelines and interventions to improve attendance for students with an ID.

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