Early-Career Practitioner Fellowships

2016 ECPF winners
2016 Early-Career Clinical Practitioner Fellowships winners Dr Sarah Zaman and Dr Simon Joosten

SCS Early- Career Practitioner Fellowships

Recognising the difficult transition from PhD student to independent clinician scientist, in 2015 the School established a number of Early-Career Clinical Practitioner Fellowships to further the aims of the School in training tomorrow’s clinical academic workforce and of consolidating Monash Health as leading academic health service. The Fellowships are offered on a competitive basis, to clinician scientists who have recently been awarded a PhD or MD to provide protected research time to allow them to further develop their clinical or basic science research portfolio while also undertaking clinical duties at Monash Health. It is envisaged that successful applicants will apply for external funding, such as through NHMRC schemes (e.g. Project Grants, Early-Career Fellowships, Career Development Fellowships, or Translational Research Fellowships) during the period of the Fellowship, such that the Fellowship acts as a bridge to independent, sustainable research funding. Accordingly, the duration of each Fellowship will necessarily vary depending on an individual’s needs but will typically be of three year’s duration, dependent upon meeting performance requirements.

Position purpose

School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health Early-Career Clinical Practitioner Fellows are likely to be junior consultants or allied health professionals who have completed a higher degree by research (MD or PhD) and who have a clinical appointment with Monash Health. Applicants will either have an ongoing research program of their own or have the opportunity to join existing research programs in one of the Departments of the School. The Fellowship will support a part time salary (typically 0.5 EFT at Level B) to provide protected research time. Depending on the salary fraction provided, other funds may be available to support research (e.g. for technical support, equipment, consumables). Funding will not generally be available to support travel.

Each Early-Career Clinical Practitioner Fellowship will be awarded for 12 months and subject to satisfactory progress may be renewed annually, for up to three years. All Fellowships and Fellowship renewals will be awarded by the School Executive, or by a nominated committee of the Executive (head of School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health; Head, Department of Medicine; and Head, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology).

Applications for the Fellowships will be invited twice per year with a set closing date as advertised at the time of call for applications. Fellowships will be awarded at Level B of the University salary scale with an appointment in the relevant Department of the School. The Fellowship will be payable through the School.

Key responsibilities

All appointees will be required to undertake their research at the School or at one of the School’s research partners (Hudson Institute of Medical Research and Monash Health) and to contribute more broadly to the research and teaching activities of the School and relevant department(s). The appointee will be expected to assist in the supervision of student/trainee research projects, including undertaking formal training in research student supervision, as required by Monash Graduate Education (MGE), leading to the development of their own HDR student portfolio (Honours, Masters, PhD students). Appointees will be required to hold an appointment or joint appointment with Monash Health for the duration of the Fellowship and to promote both the School and Monash Health in their clinical, research, teaching, and leadership activities.

Each Fellow will be required to submit a written annual report detailing their progress and requirement for ongoing support for consideration by the School Executive. A template for that report will be provided. The decision of the Executive regarding ongoing support will be final, without the opportunity for appeal. In the event that an Annual Progress Report is not submitted to the satisfaction of the Executive the Fellowship may be required to be refunded.

Selection criteria

Essential Qualifications

  • MBBS (or equivalent entry level qualification for allied health practitioners)
  • Specialist medical (or equivalent) qualification (e.g. FRACP, FRACS, FRANZCOG, FRANZPsych, or equivalent in Nutrition and Dietetics)
  • MD or PhD

Key selection criteria

  • Clinical appointment at Monash Health
  • Clear and competitive research proposal
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently
  • Track-record in research output (e.g. multiple original publications, presentations, prizes, competitive grant funding)
  • A demonstrated capacity to work in a collegiate manner with other staff in the workplace
  • High-level communication skills and ability to liaise well with other academics
  • Potential to generate competitive research income in future years

Desirable selection criteria

  • Track-record of or opportunities for clinical translational research outcomes
  • Experience in student teaching and/or supervision
  • Evidence of collaborative ability or opportunity

Assessment Criteria

  • 50%: Scientific quality
  • 25% Strategic value to the Monash Health Translation Precinct
  • 25% Applicant track-record

Assessment of the scientific quality of the project will be based on the NHMRC Project Grant category descriptors. Each category will be ranked according to the NHMRC ratings:

  • 7 – Outstanding
  • 6 – Excellent
  • 5 – Very good
  • 4 – Good
  • 3 – Marginal
  • 2 – Unsatisfactory
  • 1 – Poor

Legal compliance

Ensure you are aware of and adhere to legislation and University policy relevant to the duties undertaken, including: Equal Employment Opportunity, supporting equity and fairness; Occupational Health and Safety, supporting a safe workplace; Conflict of Interest (including Conflict of Interest in Research); Paid Outside Work; Privacy; Research Conduct; and Staff/Student Relationships.

Further information

Confidential enquiries regarding the Fellowship Scheme may be made to: Professor Eric Morand, Head, School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health, Monash University [T] 857 22650 [E] eric.morand@monash.edu or to the relevant Departmental Head.

Applications require the support of the relevant Head of Department.  Applications should be submitted to: Dr Vanalysa Ly, Research Manager, School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health, Monash University [E] vanalysa.ly@monash.edu