Clinical Teaching Program (BMedSc/MD)

Medical education at School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health

Clinical Teaching Programs in the School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health is a vibrant interdisciplinary hub of teaching and research.  We pride ourselves on providing a holistic structured program that includes lectures and tutorial programs, patient and theme based learning, bedside skills and ‘Observe Structural Clinical Exams' (OSCE), all in a supportive learning environment. You'll be learning from clinician-scientists at the top of their game in things like pituitary and adrenal conditions, lupus and arthritis, infectious diseases and robotic cardiac surgery. We'll be supporting you through Years 3B, 4C and 5D of your BMedSc/MD so you can focus on learning in real life environments, driving your ability and fine tuning your know-how as you become a doctor.  Find out more about the Monash School of Medicine and the other BMedSc/MD locations.

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