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About Clinical Teaching Programs

Clinical Teaching Programs in the School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health is a vibrant interdisciplinary hub of teaching and research. Our team coordinates the teaching of Monash University's Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program, covering all units in every specialist medical and surgical discipline. Our network of hospitals means that one week you might be at Monash Medical Centre in Clayton assisting in neurosurgery, watching cardiac bypass surgery or a double mastectomy, and the next taking a history at Kingston Centre from a stoic octogenarian who's had a fall but just wants to tell you about her rose garden. In fact you could spend your time at any one of our locations; Monash Medical Centre (MMC), Kingston Centre , Casey Hospital, Dandenong Hospital, Moorabbin Hospital or the New Monash Children's Hospital; an impressive 230-bed dedicated children's hospital due for completion in 2016.

We pride ourselves on providing a holistic structured program that includes  lectures and tutorial programs, patient and theme based learning,  bedside skills and ‘Observe Structural Clinical Exams' (OSCE), all in a  supportive learning environment. You'll be learning from clinician-scientists at the top of their game in things like pituitary and adrenal conditions, lupus and arthritis, infectious diseases and robotic cardiac surgery. And we'll be supporting you through Years 3B, 4C and 5D of your MBBS so you can focus on learning in real life environments, driving your ability and fine tuning your know-how as you become a doctor.

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Meet the Director and Clinical Deans


Julia Harrison
Associate Professor Julia Harrison
Emergency Physician
Director of Undergraduate Medical Education  / Year 5D Coordinator

Clinical Deans and Discipline Leads

Vera Golder
Dr Vera Golder
Monash Health
Clinical Dean

Dr Marcus Robertson
Dandenong Hospital
Clinical Dean
Dean Everard
Dr Dean Everard
Casey Hospital
Clinical Dean
Justin Brown
Associate Professor Justin Brown
Year 4C Children's Health Discipline Lead
Ian Presnell
Dr Ian Presnell
Year 4C Psychiatry Discipline Lead
Shavi Fernando
Dr Shavi Fernando
Year 4C Women's Health Discipline Lead

How it works at SCS

Year 3B

Life as a School of Clinical Sciences MBBS student is exciting, varied and full of new experiences. The best way to learn is to see the patients on the ward, so that's what we get you doing from Year 3B of your degree. Year 3B is a foundation or generalist "how to" year. You'll swap the dark lecture theatres of Years 1 and 2 for brightly lit 7am ward rounds where you'll be part of a healthcare team taking patient histories and interpreting the sign and symptoms of illness. You'll be developing your clinical reasoning; learning how to diagnose various conditions within big disease themes like heart health, respiratory illness, neurological diseases and haematology.