Student profile - Dr Lauren Nisbet

Lauren Nisbet

Student profile - Dr Lauren Nisbet

Lauren completed her BMedSc degree in 2010 and received first class Honours. She then continued with her research to complete a PhD. Lauren was awarded an Australian Postgraduate Award for her PhD studies. Lauren is only the third student to take part in a new Monash University initiative which provides medical students with the opportunity to pursue a combined MBBS/PhD degree. She submitted her PhD titled “Sound asleep: Cardiovascular implications of sleep disordered breathing in preschool children” at the end of April 2013 before returning to fifth year medicine. Lauren produced 4 first author manuscripts and a review article from her PhD. During her candidature Lauren won the Australasian Sleep Association New Investigator Award in 2011 and won a Heart Foundation Travel Award to present at the American Thoracic Society and Associated Professional Sleep Societies Conferences in 2012.

During her PhD candidature Lauren had the opportunity to visit other research laboratories in the USA. She spoke at each of these and presented her data to the top experts in the field of Paediatric Sleep Disordered Breathing. She was invited by Associate Professor Louise O’Brien and Professor Ronald Chervin to spend 10 weeks with them at the University of Michigan and two first author manuscripts were produced from this experience.

In 2015 Lauren was selected by the World Association of Sleep Medicine to receive the Elio Lugaresi Award for Education at the opening ceremony of the World Congress of Sleep Medicine in Seoul, Korea. The prestigious award is given to an early career researcher for an outstanding publication (the best original young investigator paper) in the affiliated peer-reviewed journal Sleep Medicine. Lauren received complementary registration and $US1000.

Lauren is currently completing her paediatric specialist training.