Student Profile - Dr Anna Vlahandonis

Anna Vlahandonis

Student profile - Dr Anna Vlahandonis

Anna Vlahandonis was the 2013 recipient of the Mollie Holman Medal for the best doctoral thesis in the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences. The award recognises thesis excellence as evidenced by examiners comments, publication output and quality. This is a very prestigious and competitive award; last year there were 178 PhDs completed in the Faculty, three times the number from any other Faculty.

Anna received the award in recognition of her PhD thesis "Long-term sleep and cardiovascular changes in children with sleep disordered breathing: a four year follow-up". Described by examiners as outstanding, her work suggests that cardiovascular abnormalities resulting from sleep disordered breathing in childhood are potentially reversible, with results indicating a link between reduced blood pressure and improved cardiovascular control and improvement in sleep disordered breathing. Anna, who is currently combining a teaching associate position at Monash University with clinical work at the Melbourne Children’s Sleep Centre, continues to collaborate with her Ritchie Centre supervisors, Professor Rosemary Horne and Dr Lisa Walter.

Anna produced 5 first author and 2 middle author publications together with a first author book chapter and review during her candidature. She is the third Ritchie Centre student to receive the award in the past 4 years, with previous winners being Scott Sands (2010) and George Schmoelzer (2011).