Department of Medicine 3MT

2016 DoM 3MT

3MT is an academic competition that sees graduate research students from across Australia and the Asia Pacific compete against each other in a battle to provide the most engaging, inspirational and concise three minute summary of their work.  The competition provides current candidates with the opportunity to:

  • develop academic and research communication skills
  • share the importance and potential impact of their research with colleagues and the broader community
  • explain their research to a non-specialist audience
  • learn about other research happening at Monash University
  • win prize money

2016 Department of Medicine 3MT competition

The Department of Medicine 3 Minute Thesis Competition was held on Tue 21 June at 11:00 - 1:00pm in the Seminar Room 1 of the Translational Research Facility.  We had 13 PhD students presenting and a fantastic audience.

Congratulations to the winners:

  • Basic Science PhD students
    • Mr Alexander Rodriguez
    • Ms Louisa Yeung
  • Clinical PhD students
    • Dr Jonathan Dick
    • Ms Julia Freckelton
  • People’s Choice award
    • Dr Jonathan Dick

Thank you to everyone who attended and assisted with the event.  Thank you to the judges, Prof Richard Kitching, Dr Nadine Andrew, Dr David Scott, Dr Connie Wong and the Department of Medicine 3MT Organising Committee, Dr Andrea Johannessen, Dr Rangi Kandane-Rathnayake, Ms Pianca Schwarz, and Dr Clare Westhorpe.

SCS 3MT round

Faculty 3MT final (Winner of the SCS round will represent SCS in this round)

Monash 3MT final

Asia-Pacific 3MT final