Current research

MERC researchers are clinicians, scientists and academics. They work on ground-breaking research while providing emergency care services across the Emergency Departments of Monash Health sites. Currently, the following research projects are being undertaken:

Reduction of oxygen after cardiac arrest: The EXACT Study

Aim: This multicentre trial will evaluate neurological outcomes for patients presenting to ED by ambulance, post-cardiac arrest, who will have been randomised to receive either 100% O2 or Targeted O2 to achieve 90-94% Sat O2 until transfer to ICU

Co-investigators: Dr Michaela Mee and Prof Andis Graudins

Monash Health Migraine Study

Aim: To compare headache resolution at one hour between patients treated with propofol (up to six sub-anaesthetic dose boluses over 30-40 min) or placebo (identically appearing intralipid)

Investigators: A/Prof Simon Craig, A/Prof Diana Egerton-Warburton, A/Prof Alastair Meyer & Prof Andis Graudins

Access: Re-Design of Systems and Procedures

Aim: To prevent complications such as Staphylococcus Aureus Bacteraemia (SAB) infections as a result of venous access. Insight will be gained through the observation of clinicians and nurses involved in the care of patients with venous access. Short interviews with ED staff and patients will also be conducted to gain further insight into the equipment and procedures used for venous access, in order to identify re-design options.

Investigators: A/Prof Diana Egerton-Warburton, Prof Mark Armstrong, Professor Daphne Flynn and the team

Focussed ultrasound for suspected small bowel obstruction in the Emergency Department: A prospective cohort study

Aim: The primary objective of this study is to evaluate the implementation of clinician-performed Point of Care ultrasound (“PoCUS”) for suspected bowel obstruction in the Emergency Department in several Australian Emergency Departments.

Investigators: Dr Gabriel Blecher, Dr Daniel Crompton, & Dr Pourya Pouryahya

Driving Change Project –Using Emergency Department Data To Reduce Alcohol-related Harm

Aim: To reduce alcohol-related harm in communities and reduce the impact on EDs and ED staff, by using data collected in Emergency Departments to target the sources of the most alcohol-related harm.

Co-investigators: A/Prof Diana Egerton-Warburton

The limping child – a prospective observational study of the patterns in investigations, management and follow-up in Monash Health Emergency Departments

Aim: Provide an assessment of the prevalence, demographic details, clinical presentation, treatment and outcomes of children with a non-traumatic limp presenting to Emergency Departments.

Principal Investigator: A/Prof Simon Craig

Palsy in Children: A Multi-centre. Randomised, blinded, placebo-controlled trial to determine whether prednisolone improves recovery at 1 month

Aim: To determine whether treatment with oral prednisolone for 10 days increases the proportion of children who have complete recovery at 1 month,

Co-investigator: Dr Adam West

Quality Assurance Title: What is the time to theatre of neck of femur (NOF) fractures within Monash Health? And are there any adverse outcomes related to this?

Investigators:  Julian Lim, Suong Le & Marion Waldsley

Emergency Department pharmacist's role in improving GP medication history accuracy

Aims: To examine whether pharmacists working in the ED can play a role in assisting GP's with updating patient medication lists by completing medication reconciliation and conveying this information back to the patient's clinic.

Investigators:  Dr Phillip Bergen & Stephen Louey

Knowledge Translation in Australasian Paediatric Acute Care Settings: a multi-centred, cluster-randomised controlled trial comparing a tailored, theory informed Knowledge Translation intervention versus passive dissemination of a bronchiolitis guideline (PREDICT KT study)

Co-investigators:  Alastair Meyer & Paul Machet

Understanding why children present to the Emergency Department with anxiety and depression

Aim: To understand why children present to Emergency Departments across Victoria for problems relating to anxiety and depression, from a family perspective.

Co-investigator:  Dr Adam West

Escalating Deteriorating Patients' Care in the ED: Characteristics and Safety Cultures

Aim: To examine the organisation's safety culture to escalate care of the deteriorating patients

Investigator: Jennifer Jackman

Anaphylaxis management in Emergency Department presentations

Investigator: Nadishani Ratnayake