Acute Stroke and Imaging Division

About Acute Stroke and Imaging

This division conducts research into multiple aspects of stroke medicine. They conduct projects on clinical health service delivery in hospitals with respect to TIA and acute stroke management. They also have a particular interest in brain imaging and cerebrovascular disease such as computational modelling of the cerebral collateral circulation in stroke, mapping of neurological deficit in acute phase of stroke and prediction of outcome following intracerebral haemorrhage. They participate in several investigator-driven and other clinical trials in acute stroke and secondary prevention. Post-acute stroke studies extend on the above areas and include analysis of post-stroke mood disorders and the consequences of warfarin cessation in patients with atrial fibrillation.

Head of Department

Adjunct Clinical Professor Thanh Phan

A/Prof Phan has been Head of Stroke at Southern Health since 2004 and has developed a first class stroke team, providing stroke services to its large catchment. He is an expert in the areas of Transient Ischemic Attack, acute thrombolysis, interventional radiology and stroke unit care. He is responsible for establishing the Monash TIA Triaging and Treatment (M3T) system, an outpatient-based model of care based on triaging, investigation and treatment in emergency departments with follow-up in TIA clinics. He undertakes ward service at both Clayton and Dandenong campuses, consults at Monash Neurology and in addition runs comprehensive stroke and TIA outpatient clinics. He was integral in setting up the Rapid Admission pathway for neurology and stroke patients, allowing the Emergency Department to meet their Key Performance Indicators.

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Our staff

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  • Stroke risk factors
    • Carotid artery geometry in the risk of atherosclerosis
    • Imaging of aortic arch atheroma
  • TIA model of care
    • Monash TIA Triaging and Treatment (M3T) system, an alternative model of TIA care
  • Acute stroke studies
    • Cerebral collateral circulation in acute stroke
    • Mapping of neurological deficit in acute phase of stroke eg aphasia
    • Prediction of outcome following intracerebral haemorrhage
  • Post-acute stroke studies
    • Post-stroke mood disorders
    • Mapping of neurological deficit in chronic phase of stroke eg aphasia
    • Mapping of vascular anatomy
    • Warfarin cessation in patients with atrial fibrillation
  • Gait disorders
    • Neuroimaging of gait disorders
  • Coma
    • Prediction of outcome following coma
  • Investigating trends in TIA and stroke in Australia
    • A data linkage study (funded by CVL-Pfizer)
  • Immunological factors in acute stroke (funded by Merck Serono)
  • STAND-FIRM trial
    • Improving secondary stroke prevention in the community


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