Vascular Brain Ageing Division

About Vascular Brain Ageing

The primary focus of this division is to investigate the effects and mechanisms of brain ageing, with particular reference to the interface between cerebrovascular disease and neurodegeneration. This is conducted in population-based settings, enriched clinical samples and collaboratively in translational work involving experimental animal models.  Research staff are based at Monash Medical Centre, Clayton, and the Menzies Research Institute, Hobart.

Head of Division

Professor Velandai Srikanth

Prof Velandai Srikanth is a Geriatrician with clinical and research expertise in stroke and dementia. He holds a co-funded fellowship from the NHMRC Career Development program and the Heart Foundation Future Leader Program. He is the head of Stroke and Ageing Research, Medicine, School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health, Monash University. He is the recipient of 7 NHMRC project grants since 2006, 5 as CIA and 2 as co-investigator with other members of the stroke research group.

An important focus of his current work is to unravel the relationship between metabolic health (diabetes, insulin resistance, glycation) and neurodegeneration. Other areas of research include cerebral small vessel disease and its clinical effects on people, and mechanisms of brain ageing syndromes (dementia, gait disturbances, falls) related to cerebrovascular disease. He collaborates actively in the study of immune factors involved in acute stroke, novel health service delivery systems for patients with stroke and TIA, global health in stroke and stroke risk factors in developing countries. He collaborates with several national and international groups. He has contributed substantially to an NIH funded international consortium for genome-wide association studies of dementia endophenotypes (the CHARGE consortium).

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