Where are they now?

Dr Jennifer Timoshanko

NHMRC C.J.Martin Fellow/Postdoctoral Fellow, Imperial College, London

Jenni Timoshanko undertook her Honours and PhD in the Centre for Inflammatory Diseases, under the supervision of Assoc. Prof Peter Tipping. During this time she investigated the cytokines responsible for glomerulonephritis, an inflammatory disease of the kidney. Jenni was extremely productive and was able to produce 10 papers describing her work. These have been published in prestigious international scientific journals such as Journal of Immunology, American Journal of Pathology and the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.  In recognition of her efforts, Jenni was awarded a C.J. Martin Fellowship from the National Health & Medical Research Council. This allowed her to take up her current position as a postdoctoral fellow at the Imperial College in London, UK.

Access Dr Timoshanko's publications via the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.

Dr Michael Kuligowski

Postdoctoral Fellow, Immune Disease Institute, Harvard Medical School, Boston

Michael undertook his PhD at the Centre under the joint supervision of Prof Michael Hickey and Prof A Richard Kitching. He performed some ground-breaking imaging studies which revealed a novel mechanism whereby neutrophils undergo adhesion in inflamed glomerular capillaries, leading to a publication in the leading international journal, Journal of Immunology. After completing his PhD, Michael took up a postdoctoral position at the Immune Disease Institute at Harvard Medical School, where he is learning advanced new imaging techniques including in vivo multiphoton confocal microscopy.

Access Dr Kuligowski's publications via Monash Arrow.