Monash DXA Clinic

About the Monash DXA Clinic

Dual-energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA) is a detailed and highly accurate method of measuring body composition, and is frequently used in research for the measurement of bone mineral content, fat mass and fat free mass. Athletes in particular utilise DXA scanning for their body composition assessment, as it accurately distinguishes body fat and lean mass, allowing athletes and their support staff to set safe and realistic body composition targets, and monitor progress towards achieving them.

About DXA scanning

Despite popular belief DXA is technically not the gold standard for body composition assessment. However the gold standard (known as the 4 Compartment Model) requires measurements to take place over several hours and on multiple machines, a process that is far too expensive and completely impractical outside of the most rigorous research projects. DXA is therefore used as the best practical choice for the measurement of body composition.

DXA scans are completed in less than 15 minutes, are easy and completely painless. Like some other forms of medical imaging, DXA involves a very small dose of radiation, however the amount is less than one quarter of that experienced during a chest x-ray, or about the same as that experienced by a few weeks of natural background radiation (ie. the radiation that we’re all naturally exposed to in our day-to-day lives).

Research level equipment, research level staff

Our clinic utilises the same GE Lunar iDXA machine used in our research studies. The iDXA is one of the latest generation of scanner and regarded as the pinnacle of DXA scanning technology.

But like all tools, DXA is only as good as the person operating it. Much of the inaccuracy in body composition assessment from DXA comes in the ability of the operator to correctly process the image obtained by the machine. Our clinic is staffed by a qualified radiographer with over twenty years experience in body composition DXA scanning for research studies.

DXA Scanning Services

Currently our clinic offers total body composition scans to the public, with plans to introduce bone mineral density scanning in the near future. All scans come with customized reports that explain the results of the scan in user-friendly language, and allow easy comparison of results over time.

**Please note – In accordance with the Australian Code of Practice for Radiation Protection in the Medical Applications of Ionizing Radiation, all DXA scans required a referral from a medical professional or relevant allied health professional (Accredited Practicing Dietitian, Accredited Sports Dietitian or Accredited Exercise Physiologist/Sports Scientist).

To access a copy of our referral form, click here.

  • DXA Total Body Scan (Body Composition) - $80 – the appointment takes approximately 20 minutes

Preparing for your scan

  • Please bring photo ID as well as our completed referral form.
  • This test requires you to fast from 10pm the night before the test - that is, no food or drink other than water from 10pm. These tests will be given priority appointment times in the morning to reduce the amount of time fasted.