Food as Medicine - Project ECHO: Co-designing healthy remote store environments - (Coming soon)

Project ECHO® series run in collaboration with Health and Wellbeing Queensland is an online, interactive model of collaborative problem solving and peer-to-peer learning, delivered via Zoom. The Project ECHO® series consists of eight fortnightly sessions (60-90 minutes each) and has been developed for this study with a focus on upskilling the nutrition workforce to support stores in modifying the food environments. These topics were identified and developed with collaborators.  This short Project Echo course will provide the nutrition workforce with essential skills for working in remote stores to build capacity to work effectively with remote store business owners and operators onto and facilitate change in the remote food environment. It will enable monitoring and evaluation though using the initiative novel App, Store Scout, managed by the Public Health Nutrition Team at Monash.

This course will be available for enrollments in 2021.