Food as Medicine - RE-FRESH- CRE Food Retail Environments for health

Food retail stores, including grocery stores and supermarkets, are a prime setting to improve population diet and health as they provide a high proportion of people’s food and beverage needs. Food retail practice and policy to enable health is a rapidly developing research and practice area in Australia and overseas requiring specialist skills and knowledge. The evidence we are gathering with the NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence in Food Retail Environments for Health (RE-FRESH) indicates that the workforce best placed to support best practice in the food retail setting to be health-enabling require skill development. We are aware of no online course available to support this emerging workforce. This online short course will address this gap. It is designed to have global appeal and reach. It will provide learners with knowledge and skills in the theory of consumer decision-making and the power of marketing and retail merchandising on food options as well as provide the latest evidence on how, when and where to intervene to facilitate change in practice and policy to support healthier food purchases. It will facilitate learning between practitioners working with different retail settings and enable students to harness the expertise of practitioners, policy-makers and academics working at the cutting edge of health-enabling food retail. We have formed an expert committee with content specialists and practitioners in Australia and overseas involved with the NHMRC CRE RE-FRESH.  The course is designed to meet the requirements of a 6-credit point Masters level unit. This course will be led by Assoc Prof Julie Brimblecombe.

In partnership with the Centre of Research Excellence in Food Retail Environments for Health (RE-FRESH), Monash University is commencing the short course, Transforming Retail Food Environments to be Health-Enabling.

This short course will teach the power of marketing and retail merchandising in food environments, and provide the skills and knowledge to influence consumer decision making and retail practices for public health.

This course will appeal to those in the health sector and beyond, including nutritionists, public health and health promotion practitioners, retailers, town planners, and policy makers.

Date: 26 July – 29 September

Duration: 9 weeks or 12 weeks (with assessment)

Cost: $1800 with microcredential; $1300 without microcredential

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