Bachelor of Nutrition Science (Honours)

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Course Code: M3703
Course Abbreviation: BNut(Hons)
Total credit points required: 48
1 year full-time or 2 years half-time (project dependent)

This program is for students who have completed their degree at a distinction level of Bachelor of Nutrition Science, Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics or other biomedical science degree at Monash University, or a comparable graduate qualification from another tertiary institution. It will allow participants to develop their research skills and competencies, learn specific techniques and gain a deeper understanding of a selected aspect of human nutrition.

The program consists of an individual major research project and a compulsory coursework component.

The 2019 Bachelor of Nutrition (Honours) coursework component will be conducted in semester one, and includes modules on project organization, literature reviewing, study design, data collection, data analysis, scientific report writing, and submitting work for peer review. In turn this contributes towards the successful completion of a research project.

Projects are chosen from either clinical or community/population nutrition areas and are supervised by an experienced member of the Nutrition and Dietetics staff.


Applications for entry into the Bachelor of Nutrition (Honours) program for 2019 are now open.  First round applications have closed but late applications will be considered. Bachelor of Nutrition (Honours) 2019 application form (163 KB Pdf)

Further information

Dr Kate Huggins, Honours Co-coordinator
Phone: +61 3 9902 4269

Alternative contact:

Maitri Kuppilli
Program Coordinator