Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (Honours) - 4 years full-time 

Bachelor of Nutrition (Honours) - 1 year full-time, 2 years part-time

Bachelor of Nutrition Science - 3 years full-time  

With its growing popularity since inauguration in 2000 it was evident there was a need to examine the current curriculum content of the Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (BND) course. The aim was for the course to be more in line with other courses offered in the Faculty, to address Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) accreditation requirements and to meet the teaching and learning needs of students, the health service system and the community. Thus beginning in June 2008 the BND curriculum review was conducted.

To read more about the curriculum review process see

Review of the Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics Curriculum

The BND course has been restructured from 2012. The BND course will still be a 4 year degree but the curriculum has been partially integrated. This means the necessary content will still be covered but taught in a more integrated way over the 4 years.

The Bachelor of Nutrition Science (BNutSc) course is a three year degree newly offered from 2012. With the new curriculum and integrated learning the BND and BNutSc will essentially be the same across the first two years of study.

For dietetics students experiential learning occurs during integrated professional practice placements, including those that develop clinical skills, food service skills and community and public health skills. These occur in a variety of settings including acute and sub-acute hospitals, community health services and non-government organisations across Victoria.

The nutrition science students develop their research skills through undertaking of a novel and applied nutrition research project in the final year of the degree. A choice of electives allows nutrition science students to tailor the course of their degree to their specific strengths and interests.