About the CLIPP Model

This approach to service delivery, led for ten years by Professor Meadows in North West Melbourne, continues to play a role as a model for services developments at various sites in Australia and overseas.


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The CLIPP Model has recently been referenced as an example of good practice in the London NHS long term care model.

Final reports

Two final reports are available here from externally funded research related to the CLIPP program:

Key Centre Staff: Prof Graham Meadows (Monash University).
Key Collaborators: Dr Lynette Joubert (University  of Melbourne), Dr Carol Harvey (University of Melbourne), A/Prof Philip  Hegerty (Deakin University), Prof Siaw-Teng Liaw (University of  Melbourne), A/Prof Krishna Vaddadi (Monash University), Dr David Haslam  (London Ontario), Dr Jack Heggerty (Thunder Bay Ontario).