Student research projects

Current Student Projects

  • Sexual Function and Quality of Life among Brachytherapy and Prostatectomy Patients
    Student Researcher Ms Fiona Newton, Supervisors Dr Sue Burney, Associate Professor Mark Frydenberg, Dr Jeremy Millar and Emeritus Professor Kim T Ng Commenced 2003.
  • Psychological Adjustment, Stress Appraisal and Coping Style of Partners of Men with Prostate Cancer
    Student Researcher Ms Addie Wootten, Supervisors Dr Sue Burney, Associate Professor Mark Frydenberg, Dr Farshad Faroudi, Peter Macallum Cancer Institute and Emeritus Professor Kim T Ng Commenced 2003.
  • Refining Stages of Change for Smoking Cessation
    Student Researcher Mr James Balmford, Supervisors Dr. Ron Borland, Centre for Behavioural Research in Cancer and Dr Sue Burney Commenced 2003.
  • Difference in Quality of Life of Prostate Cancer Survivors between Attendees and Non-attendees of Prostate Cancer Support Groups
    Student Researcher Ms Helen Bransden, Supervisor Dr Sue Burney Commenced 2004.
  • The Impact of Message Framing on Intention to Perform Testicular Self-Examination
    Student Researchers Ms Sarah Edwards and Ms Catherine Charleson, Supervisors Dr Sue Burney, Ms Jane Fletcher, National Cancer Control Initiative and Mr Andrew Jago, Victoria University Commenced 2005.
  • Quality of life among individuals diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma
    Student Researcher Ms Joanne Brooker, Supervisors Dr Sue Burney, Ms Jane Fletcher and Dr Michael Dally.

    Potential Student Research Projects

    • A comparative study of the impact of erectile dysfunction on HRQoL among different ethnic prostate cancer patient groups.
    • The long term effects of the prostate cancer experience on partners of men with prostate cancer.
    • The level of support group utilisation and satisfaction among prostate cancer patients.
    • The impact of support group attendance on QoL, mood state and possibly acquisition of information (or satisfaction with disease related information).
    • Quality of life among various cancer patient groups by treatment type.
    • Attitudes and knowledge toward the various cancer screening methods (i.e., breast self-examination, mammography, Pap, HPV vaccine, PSA, faecal occult blood test, skin examination).
    • The impact of treatment by tumour stream on various psychological indices (e.g., general mood state, depression, anxiety, quality of life).
    • The role of resilience, fatalism, health beliefs, and optimism on recovery from cancer treatment.