Youth Mental Health

Current study

New South Wales Child Development Study

The NSW Child Development Study ( is a longitudinal intergenerational record linkage study that aims to identify early and middle childhood vulnerability and resilience markers for a variety of health, educational and occupational, social, and wellbeing outcomes in adolescence and young adulthood using a NSW population cohort. Improved knowledge of these factors is envisaged to inform policy changes, and the development of effective early intervention and prevention programs for vulnerable youth.


  • NSW Ministry of Health
  • NSW Department of Education
  • NSW Department of Family and Community Services


Below is a list of selected publications.  Visit Pubmed for all publications.

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Current projects

  1. NSW Child Development Study Record Linkage
  2. Identifying new targets for primary school mental health interventions using population data
  3. Targeting early contact with the criminal justice system in young people
  4. Achieving better mental health for maltreated children: translating population data into policy
  5. Developmental schizotypy in the general population: Early risk factors and predictive utility

Successful grants

  • 2011-16: NSW Child Development Study Carr V, Laurens K, Holbrook A, Lenroot R, Brinkman S, Bore M, Smith M, Green M. ARC Linkage Projects Grant LP110100150 $429,099.00
  • 2014-17: Identifying new targets for primary school mental health interventions using population data Laurens K, Carr V, Green M, Brinkman S, Dix K, Lenroot R, Dean K. NHMRC Project Grant 1058652 $ 772,647.00
  • 2017-20Targeting early contact with the criminal justice system in young people Dean K, Tzoumakis S, Laurens K, Green M, Carr V. ARC Discovery Project 170101403 $ 372,500.00
  • 2017-20Achieving better mental health for maltreated children: translating population data into policy Green M, Carr V, Katz I, Laurens K, Neil A. NHMRC Partnership Project 1183833 $ 522,705.50
  • 2018-22Developmental schizotypy in the general population: Early risk factors and predictive utility Green M, Carr V, Laurens K, Dean K, Badcock J. NHMRC Project Grant 1148055 $ 819,480