Psychiatry Short Course

Monash Psychiatry Short Course

Please note that the commencement of this course has been delayed

The Monash Psychiatry Short Course complements the Royal Australia and New Zealand College of Psychiatry (RANZCP) Training Program for psychiatric trainees.  Known as the 'Keys to Psychiatry', our course is delivered in modules and hence the overall title of 'short courses'.

Based on the RANZCP syllabus for Stages 1 (first year) and 2 (second & third year) of training, the course develops the skills and knowledge for medical practitioners to work with patients with mental illness.

RANZCP regulations require psychiatric trainees to complete a Formal Education Course (FEC) to complement their clinical training program, and the Monash Psychiatry Short Course is accredited by the RANZCP as a Formal Education Course.

Faculty teaching our course are drawn from our Monash University’s Departments of Psychiatry and consultant psychiatrists from our mental health programs at The Alfred, Eastern Health, Monash Health and Peninsula Health Services.

Delivered primarily on-line, the Monash Psychiatry Short Course curriculum is designed in a modular format. Modules can be completed over a 4 week period, and each module represents approximately four half-days of course work.

Each module represents 12 - 14 hours of formal or on-line coursework. The College’s FEC requirements require a trainee to complete 9 modules in any calendar year and 27 modules over 3 years to meet the required expectation or standard that the RANZCP has set. Trainees can undertake further modules as electives.

On-line delivery includes classic readings, PowerPoint summaries with voice overs of key concepts, videos illustrating clinical material, interactive segments that engage students to test their understanding of concepts, exemplary multiple choice questions on each topic, exemplary MEQs that utilize the college scoring key, and critical essay topics. Our course is designed to optimally prepare each candidate for the college examination system.

Each module also has a face-to-face session of interactive group discussion, encouraging networking and peer-support (video links for trainees in remote locations are also provided). Our face-to-face sessions show the clinical perspective and draw upon the expertise and wisdom of outstanding and highly experienced clinicians and academics. Trainees can therefore anticipate one face-to-face session per month as they work their way through the curriculum.  Dates and locations schedule for these face-to-face sessions will be posted at the beginning of each academic year. CLICK HERE for 2016 Stage 1 Face-to-Face session dates

RANZCP Stage 1 syllabus

Stage 1 syllabus corresponds with year 1 of the College’s competency-based fellowship program. However, it needs to be recognised that topics which can be identified as requiring working knowledge at stage 1 can mature to the requirement of in-depth knowledge in stage 2. In these circumstances, the in-depth knowledge standard should be applied to the year 1 curriculum for this course. Click on each of the modules on the right, for information regarding the topics covered, learning objectives and convenor details