Monash Psychiatry Short Courses' Steering Committee and Module Convenors

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Short Courses Steering Committee


Program Medical Directors

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Administrative staff

  • Secretarial and admin support: Heather Thiessens, Andrea Peres, Lisa Gallo
  • Moodle support: George Kotsanas, FMNHS, Monash University
  • Marketing & Business Development: Dr Jason Smythe
  • Budget support: Dr Eugene Fredericks, Manager SCS at Monash Health, Monash University

Terms of Reference

  • The Steering Committee will be jointly co-chaired by the Heads of the Monash University Department of Psychiatry and the Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre.
  • The Steering Committee will be comprised of representatives of key collaborating partners: Monash University, Monash Health, Alfred Health, Eastern Health and Peninsula Health.
  • The Steering Committee will ensure that a unified program of education is delivered by these collaborating institutions.
  • The Steering Committee will oversight the development and delivery of a comprehensive curriculum that will firstly meet the training requirements of accredited psychiatry trainees, and secondly, will ensure that the short course program is of benefit to overseas medical graduates, general practitioners, psychologists, nurses, social workers and other allied health practitioners.
  • The Steering Committee will ensure an equitable and reasonable distribution of responsibility for modules among the collaborative partners, but also relative to skill bases and expertise.
  • The Steering Committee will oversight the effective delivery of these modules.
  • The Steering Committee will oversight the distribution of income proportional to the institutional home of the primary provider for any module.

Module Convenors (Stage 1 syllabus)

Mod num Primary convenor Title Associated educators
1 Kym Jenkins Interviewing, Asessment & Formulation Paul Ng, Lucinda Smith, Sylvia Anthony, Anthony Cidoni
2 David Kissane Introduction to Psychotherapy Lynette Chazen, Sathya Rao, Tanya Stavovy, Phillip Roy, Paul Foulkes, Julian Hughes, Denis O’Loughlin, David Kruse
3 Paul Fitzgerald Basic neurosciences Suresh Sundram
4 Nicholas Keks Basic psychopharmacology & biological treatments Judy Hope, Suresh Sundram, Chris Plakiotis, Christine Culhane, David Clarke, Andras Perenyi, Krishna Vaddadi
5 Jayashri Kulkarni The psychotic disorders Anthony Cidoni
6 Paul Fitzgerald Mood & related disorders David Clarke
7 Phyllis Chua Anxiety, stress & related disorders Fintan Harte, Anthony Cidoni, Ashu Gandhi, Renee Richards, James Le Bas
8 David Jacka Substance and Related Use Disorders Chris Plakiotis, David Clarke, Chia Huang, Sathya Rao,
George Mendelson
9 Rob Selzer Social & cultural psychiatry Steve Ellen, Simon Stafrace, Sean Jesperson, Mark Oakley-Browne

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