Blood Cancer Therapeutics Laboratory

2018 Blood Cancer Therapeutics group L-R: A/Prof Jake Shortt, Dr Jonathan Wong, Dr Zahra Sabouri-Thompson, Dr Gareth Gregory, Ms Belinda Maher, Dr Daniella Brasacchio, Dr Mark Waltham, Ms Maria Docanto, Dr Greg Corboy, Dr Danielle Oh, Dr Josh Casan

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Blood Cancer Therapeutics Lab

Blood Cancer Therapeutics Laboratory's research seeks to evaluate novel ways to treat haematological malignancies, with a particular focus on lymphoma and multiple myeloma. By determining the molecular mechanisms underpinning specific blood cancers, we are developing novel therapeutic strategies for translation into clinical trials.  Our location within the Monash Health Translation Precinct uniquely places the laboratory in a position to develop our scientific discoveries from bench to bedside.

Major themes include, oncogenic transcription, epigenetic therapy for lymphoma and myeloma, lymphoma genomics and rational targeting of the MYC oncogene.

Group Head

Associate Professor Jake Shortt

A/Prof Jake Shortt Video presentation (9.37min) published by Leukaemia Foundation to mark 2018 World Lymphoma Awareness Day.  A/Prof Shortt answers some of the most common questions about non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

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Other staff and students

Haematology Genomics Fellow

Research Assistant

  • Ms Belinda Maher

PhD Student

  • Dr Danielle Oh