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Centre for Inflammatory Diseases staff and student listing

This page lists all staff and students at the Centre for Inflammatory Diseases.

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Atherosclerosis and Cardiovascular Inflammation Group

Group head
Professor Ban Hock Toh
Group head
Associate Professor Peter Tipping
Group head
Professor Alex Bobik
Postdoctoral scientist
Dr Tin Kyaw
Postdoctoral scientist
Dr Virginie Deswaerte
Postdoctoral scientist
Dr Trista Liu
Research assistant
Anh Cao Le
 Research assistant
Peter Kanellakis
PhD student
Hamid Hosseini

PhD student
Li Yi

B MedSc(Hons) student
Muhammad Gilang

B BioMedSc(Hons) students
Amy Searle
Kothila Tharmarajah

Autoimmune Kidney Disease and Vasculitis Research Group

Head, CID Director
Professor Richard Kitching
Professor Stephen Holdsworth

Postdoctoral scientist
Dr Dragana Odobasic

Postdoctoral scientist
Dr Joshua Ooi

Postdoctoral scientist
Dr Poh Yi Gan

Postdoctoral scientistDr Maliha Alikhan
Research assistant
Kim O'Sullivan (also a staff PhD student)
PhD student
Dr Sharon Ford
Acting director of Clinical Teaching Program, PhD student
Dr Claire Dendle

PhD student
Dr Holly Hutton


PhD student
Megan Huynh

PhD studentDr Jonathan Dick  
PhD studentDr Joanna Ghali 
PhD student
Ms Janet Chang
PhD student
Andrea Godfrey
International fellow
Dr Takeshi Fujita
International fellow
Dr Kazuya Kishimoto
International fellow
Dr Kenji Ito
Technical assistant
Ms Virginie Oudin

Chronic Kidney Disease and Transplantation Research Group

Group head
Associate Professor David Nikolic-Paterson
Group head
Dr Gregory Tesch

Postdoctoral scientists
Dr Frank Ma
Dr Yingjie Han

PhD students
Dr Jessica Ryan
Dr Sharmila Ramessur
Dr Liv Amos

Research assistant
Elyce Ozols

Laboratory manager
Tara Robertson

Inflammatory Respiratory Disease Research Group

Group head
Dr Paul King
Research assistant
Roleen Sharma

Leukocyte Trafficking Group

Lab Head
Professor Michael Hickey
Postdoctoral fellow
Dr Michaela Finsterbusch
Postdoctoral fellow
Dr Sarah Snelgrove

Research assistant
Pam Hall

PhD student

Louisa Yeung

Liver/Gut Inflammation and Fibrosis Research Group

Group head
Professor William Sievert
Research assistant
Huyen Diem Thi (Kristy) Nguyen
Research assistant
Dinushka Lourensz
Research/clinical trial/admin nurse managerSherryne Warner
Research/clinical trial/admin nurse
Emily Robertson
Research/clinical trial/admin assistantTanya Hefter
PhD student
Dr Alex Hodge
 PhD studentDr Sabine deSilva
PhD student
Dr Suong Le

Research/clinical trial/admin nurses
Ingrid De Jong
Paul O'Neill
Patricia Anderson
Bernadette Dunlop

PhD student
Dr Virginia Knight

BMedSci (Hons) students
Phil Ha
Karen Du
Nathan Kuk
Sunny Sun

Monash Infectious Diseases Research Group

Tony Korman

A/Prof Tony Korman

Ian WoolleyDeputy Director
Director, Monash HIV

A/Prof Ian Woolley
Claire Dendle

Infections in Immunocompromised Patients
Dr Claire Dendle

Michelle Giles

Infections in Pregnancy

A/Prof Michelle Giles

Grant Jenkins

Clostridium difficile infection
Mycobacterial Infections (including Tuberculosis)

Dr Grant Jenkin

Ben Rogers

Bacterial Infections
Clinical Trials

Dr Ben Rogers

Rhonda Stuart

Infection Control
A/Prof Rhonda Stuart

Despina Kotsanas

Senior Scientist
Ms Despina Kotsanas

 Clinical Research Coordinator
Ms Sarah Astbury
 Clinical Research Coordinator
Ms Marie Backstrom
 HIV Research Coordinator
Ms Jess Costa

Neuroinflammation Research Group


Research Assistant

Alyce Nicholls
Ms Alyce Nicholls

PhD students

Ms Kathryn Prame Kumar
Raymond Shim
Mr Raymond Shim
SJ Shen
Mr SJ Shen
Brooke Wanrooy
Mr Brooke Wanrooy

Rheumatology Group

2019 Rheumatology group L-R: 1st row: Mehnaz Pervin, Dorothy Wang, Eric Morand, Wendy Zhu, Sarah Jones, Wendy Dankers, 2nd row: Hieu Nim, Md Hasnat, Megan Cristofaro, Jim Harris, 3rd row: Max Moraleda, Dinith Liyanage, 4th row: Fabien Vincent, Jacqueline Flynn


Rangi RathnayakePostdoctoral research fellow/
Asia Pacific Lupus Collaboration Project Manager
Dr Rangi Kandane-Rathnayake
Rachel Koelmeyer

Research Fellow/Australian Lupus Registry Manager
Ms Rachel Koelmeyer

Reseach officer/Australian Lupus Registry Officer
Miss Janet Chang

PhD students

  • Dr Diane Apostolopolous
  • Taylah Bennett
  • Dr Vera Golder
  • Dr Emma Guymer
  • Md Hasnat
  • Dr Champa Nataraja
  • Dr Melissa Northcott
  • Mehnaz Pervin

BMedSc(Hons) students

  • Dinith Liyanage
  • Dorothy Wang
  • Wendy Zhu

BMS Honours students

  • Megan Cristofaro
  • Max Moraleda