Interventional Immunology for Early Life Disease

Nold lab group
2019 Interventional Immunology group L-R: Kneeling: Esteban Pinto, Nick Johnson, Elizabeth Skuza, Manjeet Sandhu Standing: Holly Ung, Rimma Goldberg, Abhilasha Tiwari, Nadia Deen, Jane Shi, Christine Bui, Michael Christie, Claudia Nold, Merrin Pang, Marcel Nold, Ina Rudloff, Philip Berger, Sonia John, Rebecka Atkinson

G’day – and thank you for visiting our website.

I am an Australian-, German- and US-trained clinician-scientist with appointments as Professor of Paediatric Immunology at Monash University’s Department of Paediatrics, the Hudson Institute’s Ritchie Centre, and as Consultant Neonatal Paediatrician at Monash Newborn, Monash Children’s Hospital.

My lab is firmly rooted in biomedical discovery science; however, achieving true translation and thereby making a real difference to patients’ lives has been our paramount goal for the past 10 years. Hence, my team and I harness our expertise in immunology, anti-inflammatory cytokines, drug discovery and early life diseases to unveil molecular mechanisms underpinning these diseases, thus identifying and pursuing novel therapeutic avenues. Our discoveries, often collaborative efforts with Australian and international partners in academia as well as the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, have been very well received; for an overview click here.

The team and I highly value the contribution of students to our work, and my senior staff and I are strongly dedicated to providing outstanding training, supervision and mentoring. We offer a wide variety of projects – for some examples click here – and students with a passion for science are always welcome. If this is you, please be in touch!

Meet the team


Other staff and students

Nold lab

Lab Heads

  • Claudia Nold
  • Marcel Nold

Senior advisor

  • Philip Berger


  • Steven Cho
  • Michael Christie
  • Nadia Deen
  • Rimma Goldberg
  • Ina Rudloff

Research nurse

  • Rebecka Atkinson

Lab manager

  • Esteban Pinto

Research & Technical assistants

  • Sonia John
  • Nicholas Johnson
  • Marie Lee
  • Liz Skuza

PhD students, science background

  • Sara diSimone
  • Holly Ung

PhD students, medical background

  • Dr Ralley Prentice

Masters student

  • Marsha Majid

Honours students

  • Steven Garrick
  • Natalie Mercuri
  • Lucy Monk
  • Briana Peterson
  • Joanna Picerni
  • Josephine Owen

Completed PhD students

  • Christine Bui, PhD
  • Jason Lao, MBBS/PhD
  • Manjeet Sandhu, MBBS/PhD