Newborn - Lung and Resuscitation

Lung and Resuscitation
2019 Lung and Resuscitation group L-R: Stuart Hooper, Kenneth Tan, Atul Malhotra, Calum Roberts, Risha Bhatia, Douglas Blank, Graeme Polglase

The Newborn Lung and Resuscitation Group in the Department of Paediatrics is a collaborative group of clinician-researchers working at Monash Children’s Hospital, and perinatal physiologists based at The Ritchie Centre. The members of our research group have specific interests in lung aeration, cord clamping, birth asphyxia, and later respiratory outcomes such as bronchopulmonary dysplasia. We aim to better understand the physiology of respiratory and resuscitation treatments in early life, and to translate this knowledge into improved outcomes for preterm and sick newborn infants.

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  • Dr Risha Bhatia

PhD student

  • Anna Kidman (Neonatal Nurse)

Honours student

  • Stacey Lo