Paediatrics - Translational Immunology

Interventional immunology is abuzz with activity at the Department of Paediatrics. Together with our partners, we use a wide variety of approaches to find and implement novel therapies; examples include cytokine and microbial engineering, proteomics, genomics and transcriptomics.

Research groups

Centre for Innate Immunity and Infectious Diseases

Meet the team


Other staff and students

Nold lab

Lab Heads

  • Claudia Nold
  • Marcel Nold

Senior advisor

  • Philip Berger


  • Steven Cho
  • Michael Christie
  • Nadia Deen
  • Rimma Goldberg
  • Ina Rudloff

Research nurse

  • Rebecka Atkinson

Lab manager

  • Esteban Pinto

Research & Technical assistants

  • Sonia John
  • Nicholas Johnson
  • Marie Lee
  • Liz Skuza

PhD students, science background

  • Sara diSimone
  • Holly Ung

PhD students, medical background

  • Dr Ralley Prentice

Masters student

  • Marsha Majid

Honours students

  • Steven Garrick
  • Natalie Mercuri
  • Lucy Monk
  • Briana Peterson
  • Joanna Picerni
  • Josephine Owen

Completed PhD students

  • Christine Bui, PhD
  • Jason Lao, MBBS/PhD
  • Manjeet Sandhu, MBBS/PhD