Plastic Surgery

About Plastic Surgery Research

If you are thinking of a career in surgical research the School of  Clinical Sciences is a great place to start. We are located at Monash  Medical Centre (MMC) Clayton within easy walking distance of both Monash  University Clayton Campus and the Clayton Shopping District.

Plastic Surgery current research projects

  • A randomized control trial comparing a non-adherent dry dressing with silver foam dressing in the management of K-wire pin sites in the closed fractures of the hand’. PJ Terrill, M Findlay, DJ Hunter-Smith.
  • A randomized controlled study comparing PICO dressing to standard dressing for lower leg wounds requiring a split thickness skin graft. PJ Terrill.
  • Pathology of the Dorsal Triangular Fibrocartilage in Rheumatoid Arthritis Affecting Metacarpophalageal Joints II-V- Structure, Function and Imaging Criteria in Joint Instability’. Findlay MW, Biswal S, Hunter-Smith SR, Do B, Maher R, Fairbank S, Slattery P, Chang J, Hunter-Smith DJ – a collaborative study with the department of Plastic Surgery, Stanford University, USA.
  • Breast augmentation I – what are the benefits; a systematic review. Michael Chae, Frankie Harkins, NR Smoll, Alexandra Rizzitelli, WM Rozen, DJ Hunter-Smith.
  • Breast augmentation II – what are the complications; a systematic review. Alex Kerridge, Michael P Chae, NR Smoll, Alexandra Rizzitelli, WM Rozen, DJ Hunter-Smith.
  • Breast augmentation III – what is the public health burden of disease? Raphael P Chae, Michael P Chae, Frankie Harkins, WM Rozen, Alexandra Rizzitelli, NR Smoll, DJ Hunter-Smith.
  • PicSafe Medi: Consent and Privacy in Plastic Surgery & The Development of a Multimedia Mobile Phone Application. Michael P Chae, Meily Dewi, Alexandra Rizzitelli, Nicolas Roydon Smoll, DJ Hunter-Smith, Warren Matthew Rozen.
  • Public economic burden of complications of cosmetic breast implants. Michael Chae, Marcus Sng.
  • Sterilisation techniques of 3D printed surgical equipment. Michael Chae,    Daniel Bronsema.