Public Health

2018 Public Health group

Our research aims to generate high quality evidence on improving access to sustainable, nutritious food for all population sub groups. The issues we tackle are complex and require innovative approaches that consider the food system and form partnerships with the many different players involved. We do this through building the capacity of the public health nutrition workforce, partnering with service providers, food retailers and other organisations to rigorously evaluate strategies that promote equitable access to nutritious food in the real-world, and developing innovative nutrition education and communication strategies to support a shift in eating behaviour.

Underpinning our work is a focus on capacity building of our research team and those we work with. Evidence we generate is informing public health nutrition practice, advocacy, health policy, and industry. Together with our extensive network of partners in policy, practice and industry, we are at the forefront of contributing innovative solutions to complex public health nutrition issues.

We incorporate the evidence we generate and our real world experience in to our teaching and seek to inspire the next generation of dietitians and nutrition scientists in public health best practice.