Diabetes, Obesity, Men's Health and Endocrinology

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Peter Ebeling

The complex endocrine system impacts all aspects of health and disease. Our goal is to improve understanding of the role of hormones in human biology and disease to tackle key health challenges facing Australian and global communities, including reproductive health, bone health and cancer metastasis, cardiovascular disease, endocrine cancer and obesity. Clinical translation of these findings to improve diagnosis, therapeutic intervention, and prevention of disease remains a key focus.

We aim to improve conditions related to hormonal and metabolic disturbances. These include:

  • Increased screening for diabetes in high risk populations
  • Significantly decreasing micro and macrovascular complications of diabetes
  • Developing standardised medical and surgical protocols for an obese population
  • Improve outcomes in prostate and thyroid cancer
  • Improve detection and treatment of osteoporosis

Professor Peter Ebeling, AO, is Head of the Department of Medicine in the School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health and Director of the Australian Institute of Musculoskeletal Science (AIMSS). His research interests include musculoskeletal health and diseases; public health aspects of vitamin D; post-transplantation osteoporosis; osteoporosis in men; and biochemical bone turnover markers.