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About Epidemiology and Prevention

The primary aim of this division is to prevent stroke and other vascular diseases from occurring and to improve risk factor management for these conditions. Our research is being undertaken in Australia, India, Vietnam and Iran. We are using population-based settings to assess risk factors for hypertension in rural disadvantaged India and to assess outcomes of stroke in Iran. In Vietnam we are using hospital-based registries to assess the types of stroke and its management, and in Australia we are using a clinical trial to assess whether we can improve management of risk factors in survivors of stroke.

Head of Division

Professor Amanda Thrift

Professor Thrift is Head of the Epidemiology and Prevention Division, Stroke and Ageing Research, Southern Clinical School, Medicine, Monash Universit.

Prof Thrift has extensive experience in conducting large scale longitudinal cohort studies with a particular expertise in the epidemiology of stroke. She is the Principal Investigator and has led and coordinated the highly successful North East Melbourne Stroke Incidence Study since its development in 1995. This study has resulted in more than 40 publications in high quality journals, and three major data pooling collaborations to date. She has published widely on the epidemiology of cerebrovascular disease and dementia and has invaluable expertise in cohort epidemiology, particularly in achieving high response in follow-up.

In addition, Prof Thrift is currently leading an innovative vascular disease research program in an impoverished rural community in southern India. Simply setting up this study was a major effort, requiring the collaboration with national and international leaders in stroke, hypertension, dementia, and rural medicine. There are many challenges in undertaking research in such a remote area, for example collecting and storing blood.

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  • Rishi Valley Study
  • Surveillance and Monitoring Function of the National NCD Programme of Vietnam.

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