Ashalyn Watt

Dr Ashalyn Watt is a stem cell biologist in Eva Segelov’s Lab at the Department of Oncology, Monash University. She obtained her PhD from Deakin University in 2015 which focused on the development of in vitro culture models to study hormone regulation of mammary gland function. She has previously worked in industry led projects with Cytomatrix and more recently Cell Care Australia which resulted in receiving a SIEF STEM+ business fellowship where her research focused on developing clinical scale hematopoietic stem cell expansions for use in promoting angiogenesis and neuroprotection. She has also focused her attention on academic projects focusing on umbilical cord blood cell derived exosome miRNA in promotion of oligodendrocyte survival in white matter injury. Currently, she is interested in the potential role of miRNAs in regulating responses and resistance to immunotherapies in several cancer indications. Ashalyn’s research interests include stem cell biology, miRNA and exosomes.

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